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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aneesh Dogra will talk on "How to make a Linux ELF Virus" at THC2012

17 years old hacker,Aneesh Dogra will talk on "How to make a Linux ELF Virus (That works on your latest linux distribution)" at 'The Hackers Conference 2012' . Linux or Unix has the reputation of being "not so buggy", and of being a good maintainer of system sanctity via good protection mechanisms.

This talk will be focused on How to make a simple ELF virus in Linux. A virus is a program that infects other programs stored on permanent media. Usually this means to copy the executable code of the virus into another file. Other possible targets are boot sectors and programmable ROMs.

The Executable and Linking Format (ELF) is meant to provide developers with a set of binary interface definitions that extend across multiple platforms. ELF is indeed used on several platforms, and is flexible enough to be manipulated creatively, as demonstrated by many. A virus could attach viral code to an ELF file, and re-route control-flow so as to include the viral code during execution.

Aneesh said,"We'll be starting with a basic idea of a Prepernder and using that we'll create a Virus which actually works on your latest linux distribution. There will a demonstration showing how this virus infects different files on the system, and How it can be dangerous."