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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Iranian Researchers going to Demonstrate Cross Platform Malware at 'The Hackers Conference 2012'

On upcoming 29th July 2012 Security Researchers Sina Hatef Matbue and Arash Shirkhorshidi going to Present "Graviton Malware" , which is Cross Platform Malware in 'The Hackers Conference 2012' . The purpose of 'graviton' is to become an artificial creature which can move between world of windows, world of apples, and world of empire penguins, etc. and remain stealth.

The Windows one sends the following information back to the remote attacker's CPU details, Disk details, Memory usage, OS version, and user name. The Trojan can also download a file and execute it, or open a shell to receive commands. 'Graviton' is a combination of pure 'C' and 'asm'. It detects if you're running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, and then downloads the corresponding malware for your platform.

The Hackers Conference 2012 is expected to be the first open gathering of Blackhat hackers in India who will debate latest security issues with the top itelligence echolons in India. The conference has sent special invites to Blackhat hackers to come and demonstrate their talent and help the security agencies bridge the knowledge gaps existing today.


  1. Someone tell me, what is the loader in? What fileformat? I assume it uses a java loader or something to detect what binary to pull down - I do not imagine a .exe file running on MAC ;)

  2. @Darren thats why you are not eligible for those conference think bigger :)

  3. @darren,i believe this trojan works on all the platforms by changing the extensions,i mean it detects the platform and modifies itself as the suitable ext. Ex:windows .exe.......:-)

  4. It's a cross platform malware development framework, written in C++ and ASM, and NOT JAVA.

    Follow the conference and, hope you will understand how it works!